Tuesday, March 27, 2007

IPO Hardball! Weekly Analysis - Big Week for IPOs and a Review of Last Week

This cast starts with a review of last week's IPOs and their performance. The following show: Company (ticker), IPO size, % change from IPO price, sector, grade, and score.

CastlePoint (CPHL) $89mm, +11%
property/casualty insurance/reinsurance: C+, 7

Cheniere Energy Partners (CQP) $283mm, +3.5%
LP for LNG terminal in Louisiana: C+, 7

Glu Mobile (GLUU) $84mm, flat
Publishes games for mobile telephones: C+, 7

And Blackstone filed a private equity IPO

This weeks IPOs include:

Aruba Networks (ARUN), $72mm
secure data wireless networking: C+, 8

Capital Products L.P (CPLP) $236mm
shipping vessel partnership: C+, 7

eTelecare Global (ETEL) $74mm
voice-based business outsourcing: C+, 7

Flagstone Reinsure (FSR) $175mm
property and casualty reinsurance: C+, 7

GSI Technology (GSIT) $58mm
SRAM integrated circuits: C+, 6

SenoRx (SENO) $66mm
medical devices: C, 8

Super Micro (SMCI) $84mm
high performance servers: B-, 7

Other companies mentioned in this cast are: (ARUN) (AXP) (BX) (CPHL) (CPLP) (CQP) (CSCO) (CY) (DELL) (ETEL) (EXLS) (GLUU) (GSIT) (HPQ) (IBM) (JNJ) (MOT) (SENO) (SMCI) (TWX) (WIT)


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