Tuesday, April 17, 2007

IPO Market Keeps Buzzing! Metro PCS Leads with $1B IPO

For the week of April 16 IPO MetroPCS Communications http://www.metropcs.com/ (PCS) leads off with an impressive $1 billion IPO. This wireless communication service company has been waiting for the right moment to hit Wall Street. Will the promise of new 3G http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3G features make this cell play the right one? Mr. Gaskins provides the following analysis and rating: Grade/score, B-, 8

A trio of smaller IPOs show that Pharma and Energy are still hot. Simcere Pharmaceutical (SCR) http://www.simcere.com/english/about/about.asp has a $210mm IPO. This company is is a double play for those interested in China as well as Pharma. But listen to the analysis and hear why this company rates: Grade/score, B-, 8

The last company for this week's analysis is Superior Offshore International http://www.superioroffshore.com/ (DEEP) with a $130mm IPO. This Subsea services to oil/gas comapny gets a Grade/score, C+, 7 from Mr. gaskins. With energy http://www.bloomberg.com/energy/ so hot, find out why this company may not.


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