Wednesday, May 9, 2007

IPO Market Deals Five New Entries (ACM) (BIOD) (JMP) (PINN) (TTPY)

This week Mr. Gaskins features analysis of six IPOs. Provided are his grade and ranking for each.

First is Aecom Technology (ACM) a firm providing consulting to government and commercial clients. with a grade and rank of B- and 8. Biodel (BIOD) is a biopharma company coming in with C and 6.

JMP Group (JMP) a boutique investment bank debuts as C+ and 7. Pinnacle Gas Res (PINN) offers natural gas exploration services C+ and 7. Solera Holdings (SLH) is a software and services company serving auto claims sector C+ and 8. Lastly there is TomoTherapy (TTPY) who develops cancer radiation systems C+ and 8.

Also mentioned in this cast are: (FLR) (IBKR) (JEC) (KBR) (SLH) (URS)

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