Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blackstone (BX) currently scheduled for week of June 18

NOTE: all casts provide both a grade and rank. Please visit the website for more details. In this week's cast Mr. Gaskins provides analysis of: Amicus Thera (FOLD) a clinical-stage pharmaceutical Company. C, 6 Jazz Pharma (JAZZ) a firm providing neurological and psychiatric products: C, 6.5 and rounding out the field is LDK Solar (LDK) who produces multicrystalline wafers for solar cells B-, 8

Other companies mentioned are: (BGS) (CLNE) (GLRE) (HLCS) (RRR) (SIRT)

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Forget Private Equity Here Come the IPOs - BGS, CLNE, GLRE, HLCS, RRR, SIRT, LIMS

This week Mr Gaskins provides analysis of a solid group of IPOs. Each analysis provides his grade and rank. Be sure to visit the IPO Desktop website for details and become a member.

First on deack is B&G Foods (BGS) a company in the shelf-stable food products business: Gade C+ and rank 7. Clean Energy Fuels (CLNE) is developing technology for natural gas & alternative fuel for vehicles: C+, 7. Greenlight Capital (GLRE) provides property & casualty reinsurance: C+, 7. Helicos BioSci (HLCS) creates genetic analysis technologies: C, 6

RSC Holdings (RRR) is in the equipment rental business: C+, 7. Rounding out the list are a pair of companies that provide labratory information managment systems: Sirtris Pharma (SIRT) C, 6. and STARLIMS (LIMS) C+, 7

Mr Gaskins aslo provides a brief update on last week's IPOs (CLR) (CSUN) (COMV) (EURX) (TTGT) (TRS)

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Exclusive IPO Analysis - More China Solar - Publisher TechTarget and Seven More (CAIU) (CSUN) (CLR) (ENOC) (EURX) (PODD) (SKH) (TTGT) (TRS)

For the week May 14th, 2007
Almost twice the crop of last week Mr. gaskins had his work cut out for him. Unfortunately for this round, there are no stellar buys only average offerings. Mr. Gaskins provides is usual grade and rank as seen below.

First is CAI International (CAIU) C+, 7 a container freight company offering leasing & management. Next up is another in a series of China solar cell firms, China Sunergy (CSUN) C+, 7

Continental Resources (CLR) C+, 7 is in the energy sector providing oil & gas production and exploration services. EnerNOC (ENOC) C+, 7 manages & reduces electricity consumption for commercial and industrial companies.

Almost expected are this week's pharmaceutical companies. Eurand NV (EURX) C, 7 specialty pharma. Insulet Corporation (PODD) C, 7 providing an insulin infusion system for diabetics. In the related health care sector Skilled Health Group (SKH) B-, 7 is a company providing long-term health care services.

Rounding out the week is the along waited TechTarget (TTGT) C+, 7 a publisher providing related IT buyer/seller services and TriMas Corporation (TRS) C+, 7 a global mfg conglomerate.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

IPO Market Deals Five New Entries (ACM) (BIOD) (JMP) (PINN) (TTPY)

This week Mr. Gaskins features analysis of six IPOs. Provided are his grade and ranking for each.

First is Aecom Technology (ACM) a firm providing consulting to government and commercial clients. with a grade and rank of B- and 8. Biodel (BIOD) is a biopharma company coming in with C and 6.

JMP Group (JMP) a boutique investment bank debuts as C+ and 7. Pinnacle Gas Res (PINN) offers natural gas exploration services C+ and 7. Solera Holdings (SLH) is a software and services company serving auto claims sector C+ and 8. Lastly there is TomoTherapy (TTPY) who develops cancer radiation systems C+ and 8.

Also mentioned in this cast are: (FLR) (IBKR) (JEC) (KBR) (SLH) (URS)

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Friday, May 4, 2007

AMC Suspends IPO in Hungry Investor Market - Interactive Brokers Goes Dutch and Wins

For the week ending May 4th 2007 Wall Street seems to have forgotten all about "market conditions" and keeps pouring out the IPOs. Investors are hungry again and one great example is Interactive Brkrs (IBKR) out of Greenwich, CT: The company took advantage of theor dutch auction. However Mr. Gaskings could only justify a grade and ranking of B-, 8 Included in this weeks analysis is a a comparison with NYMEX Holdings (NMX) CBOT Holdings (BOT) Chicago Merc (CME) InterconExchng (ICE) and International Sec Exc (ISE)

Rounding out the field for this week is Acorn International (ATV) who operates Chinese infomercials and direct mail; receiving a C+ grade and 7 rank. Cavium Networks (CAVM) Who provides semi-conductors for networks: C+, 7 - Qiao Xing-Mobile (QXM) a mobile handset maker: C+, 7 - NeurogesX (NGSX) in the biopharma pain management sector: C, 6 -

AMC Entertainment (AC) operates 411 theaters through their AMC & Loews brands: C+, 7 A comparison with Regal Entertainment (RGC) and Cinemark Holdings (CNK)

Published jointly by and StreetIQ

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