Thursday, May 17, 2007

Exclusive IPO Analysis - More China Solar - Publisher TechTarget and Seven More (CAIU) (CSUN) (CLR) (ENOC) (EURX) (PODD) (SKH) (TTGT) (TRS)

For the week May 14th, 2007
Almost twice the crop of last week Mr. gaskins had his work cut out for him. Unfortunately for this round, there are no stellar buys only average offerings. Mr. Gaskins provides is usual grade and rank as seen below.

First is CAI International (CAIU) C+, 7 a container freight company offering leasing & management. Next up is another in a series of China solar cell firms, China Sunergy (CSUN) C+, 7

Continental Resources (CLR) C+, 7 is in the energy sector providing oil & gas production and exploration services. EnerNOC (ENOC) C+, 7 manages & reduces electricity consumption for commercial and industrial companies.

Almost expected are this week's pharmaceutical companies. Eurand NV (EURX) C, 7 specialty pharma. Insulet Corporation (PODD) C, 7 providing an insulin infusion system for diabetics. In the related health care sector Skilled Health Group (SKH) B-, 7 is a company providing long-term health care services.

Rounding out the week is the along waited TechTarget (TTGT) C+, 7 a publisher providing related IT buyer/seller services and TriMas Corporation (TRS) C+, 7 a global mfg conglomerate.

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